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Dry cracked heels

We all see this problem with cracked heels, fissures or even just callus.

Having the clinical skills which you know you have is one thing ,However you are as good as the equipment and products you use. Podo-expert products are all scientifically proven to work as they should.

This is a great protocol to use when managing dry cracked heels, fissures, or callus.

Suggested Steps

Step 1. After pre-op use Podoexpert by Allpremed® callus softener LIQUID GOLD

Apply to affected area as needed. Spray from a short distance (about 10 cm) and let penetrate for up to 3 minutes. For stubborn cases, apply treatment a second time. Wipe off excess solution with clean cloth.

Step 2. Debride – you will notice it is much easier to remove the callus as it is now softer. Start with your scalpel first and reduce the thick areas that you can. If

If there are fissures it may be difficult to debride with a scalpel. A good option is to use sanding caps that has a high grit.( rough). This will make it easier for you to reduce the callus. The sanding caps give approx. 270 deg of operating surface, which will speed up your treatment time, less stress on your patients and you can achieve a smooth even surface at the same time.

Step 3. Apply Podoexpert by Allpremed® dry to cracked skin foam. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!

 Thanks to the patented BarrioExpert® LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology, the foam cream provides particularly high coverage: a small, walnut-sized amount in the palm of your hand is sufficient even for large areas of skin. It’s Diabetic friendly

Shake the can well before use and HOLD UPRIGHT when applying (DON’T TILT THE CAN!)

Step 4. Explain to your patient the importance of at home management.

They can purchase dry to cracked skin foam to use daily until their next appointment.

For those patients who present with heavy calluses, corns, or deep fissures it is recommended to use Podoexpert by Allpremed® cracked heel cream 100ml. For that extra boost for cracked heels, corns, calluses and stubbornly dry skin, apply twice daily (mornings and evenings) in addition to, and after first applying, Podoexpert by Allpremed® dry to cracked skin foam, or as nighttime care by applying directly to the cracked, callused areas of the skin. Podoexpert cracked heel cream is absorbed rapidly without greasiness.

By having proper protocols that work will make your patient happy, which in turn will make them more than likely to refer their friends to you. This then helps you build a successful reputable practice.

To make it easier to get them to follow your recommendations, use these products during your treatment, explain to them the importance of at home care and how it will benefit them.

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