Dead Sea salts

Dead Sea salts are made up of salt (sodium chloride) and more than 20 minerals, Epsom salts contain no salt at all. Instead, Epsom salts form when high levels of magnesium and sulphate combine in water. They are known as ‘salts’ simply because they resemble salt crystals and have similar properties.

Dead Sea Salt contains 10X more minerals than normal sea salt. Minerals which can assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.

Purifies your pores: Dead Sea salt has wonderful antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that help cleanse and detoxify the pores by driving out oils, dirt, and other impurities

The potent anti-inflammatory property possessed by the sea salts is a key element in reducing pain and inflammation for those suffering from arthritis

Warm saltwater foot soak is a great regimen to add to your fungal nail, athletes’ foot, and pain management protocols, either in clinic or at home patient care. Increase patient outcomes while increasing sales by adding saltwater foot soaks to your patients at home treatment protocols.

  • Make it a complete antifungal kit with – Podo expert Healthy Nails, Podo Expert dry reddened & itchy skin foam, and Micrylium biotext.

1 bag contains 1Kg of dead sea salts.  Your cost only $7.00 suggested retail $12-$15

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